Testingtime And Testing Different Concepts

There are a number of different types of customer research and testing in the market. The quality of service or product and customer satisfaction is just one of these types of research. This is an attempt to find the optimal solution that will meet the needs of the customer and affect the business policy of the company providing this service in order to seek its quality improvement. In this way, by the special methods we use under the mystery shopper system, we try to discover the space in which an existing product or service is being developed and improved, in order to increase customer satisfaction. In this sense, it works to reveal the attachment and loyalty of the customer to you  and to try to discover such aspects. , to further motivate and educate employees. These are activities that will contribute to a better understanding and needs of customers and product quality that results from certain behavior and work of employees.

One of the important types of research is the development of new products and testingtime different concepts. In order to reach the right offer and product, we need to have a good understanding of consumers and their needs. Based on the research of such groups, we come up with results that will improve the company’s business policy and affect the quality of the product. At the center of such testing we put the consumer, examining all the factors that affect the acceptance or non-acceptance of a particular product, its weak and strong points, and discovering a space where it can act to improve the quality of a given product.


What is important is that the research must be carried out at all stages in which the product is present, in order to take into account, the real state and problems that arise at all stages of the introduction of a new product in the entering process. Market research and product testing is going through its development levels.

On the one hand, the budget available for such services is diminishing; on the other hand, with the development of new technologies and the Internet, some new tools have emerged, which make this process easier and faster. Geographic barriers have been erased and everything is visible and within reach of the customer if it has internet connection. Relying on focus groups as a method of market research, respondents are online connected and discussing a specific topic. The moderator is there to guide participants to express their opinions and create the appropriate atmosphere to make them feel relaxed and free. This form of research is very productive, is made up of groups of ten to fifteen respondents, and is similar to the closed groups that exist on the Internet within social networks. This is a well-known research called digital research. Whatever method you choose for the testing process of a particular new product or service, it is important that you get realistic results that will improve the quality of the product and therefore the satisfaction of its customers.