Choosing A Violin Is Very Important

The violin is a stringed instrument dating back to the sixteenth century in Italy.

The base of each violin is a box (resonator), with a f-shaped cutout, which is why they are called f openings. Its upper part is made of spruce wood and the lower one is maple wood. The box has a neck that is rounded on the top. There is a gripper between the neck and the head. The head ends with a snail and has four nibs. The box has a keel whose function is to transmit the flicker of the wires to the box, and the roundness of the top allows the sound to be produced on each of the wires. The strings are attached to the cord, and it to the button. The violin consists of two basic parts: a string and a violin. The string consists of wires that are made from the tail of a horse’s hair and from a tree called pernabucco. The length of the string varies, but it is generally 73 cm and the weight is between 55 and 65 g. Violin has four strings.

There is a large and diverse range of this musical instrument on the market and it is not easy to choose the right one for beginners who want to improve their knowledge later on through education. There is no classical division of the violin, except for the high quality and the lower quality violin. Low quality ones are made industrially, usually from particle board, and their quality varies depending on the manufacturer. Quality violins are those that are made by hand, either of solid or of noble wood.


The quality of the strings is very important and sometimes their price is higher than those low-quality violins as a whole. Generally, a violin is not an expensive musical instrument compared to other instruments. So, it is better to buy a more expensive and higher quality violin. If your choice is a lower quality violin, be sure to invest more money in its maintenance and tuning. And you admit it is of no use to any musician, be it a professional or an amateur. Violin is a solo concert instrument. It plays in all parts of the world in different genres. Its Application is from classical music, through jazz to ethno and rock music. They are made in different dimensions and are simple and easy to use. Their tuning is done by professionally skilled craftsmen or by its builders themselves.

Many compositions from the classical opus are intended for this particular instrument. They are usually sold on the market complete with a suitcase string and a rosin. You can find a large selection of violins in specialized musical instrument stores, and all the spare parts and accessories, for using them. You can also find chin and shoulder pads that you place on those parts of the body to prevent the face and arm from tilting while playing the violin.

Choosing a violin is very important, so be well informed about the manufacturers and musical instrument stores who sell this instrument on the market.

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