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If you are a good singer but you know nothing except singing you might want to order some backing tracks by Paris Music. By ordering backing tracks by Paris Music, you will get a professional sound design service.

Because backing tracks by Paris Music will surely satisfy your needs. But let us say you want to begin making your own music, where do you begin? Well there are some things you ought to know before doing anything. Let us start with some basic sound names. The most popular one which is also used the most is kick. Kick is a low frequency sound that sounds, well, like a kick. The kick is usually followed by snare which is mid frequency sound. Kick is very often followed by another kick played at the same time as clap, this technique is usually used in house music and kick followed by snare is usually used in hip hop, rap, dubstep, drum step, death step, dark step and so on. Another sound that is also very important is hat which is a high frequency sound that is usually used as a fill between kicks and snares.

If we divide hats by their length we are left with open hats and closed hats. Another sound usually used in rap and trap music is 808, that is another low frequency sound played at the same time as kick but that leaves us with a problem. When two low frequency sounds are played at the same time, they distort each other this is why we have side chaining.

Backing Tracks By Paris Music

Side chaining is a process of lowering the volume of 808 when the kick hits then quickly turning it back up when the kick ends, this will make 808 sound more powerful when combined with a kick. Now let us talk about what you need if you want to start making music. Firstly, you will need a computer that is at least three hundred and fifty dollars worthy, then you will need program that is also a digital audio workstation such as FL studio, Ableton live or pro tools.

Last but not least you will need headphones or speakers in order to be able to hear frequencies you will need to hear in order to be good. A good music producer is always able to satisfy the needs of his or her client, their clients are usually men and women who sing and need backing tracks or people who are also producers who want to by beats or mixing and mastering. Beats are a combination of notes and pauses that differ in length, they are also what most people refer to as melody. Mastering is management of volume for all sounds in your track, volume must not be too low or too high and all sounds need to be in perfect harmony. Mixing is a process of changing sounds in mixer by adding a verity of effects, this also may include third party effect plugins.

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