Latest Office Rental Rates On Office Finder Singapore

Types Of Office Rental Space

For the past few years, office space has been taken by technological firms as well as the co-working centers, and this happened for some time now until the number is now giving banking as all the financial institutes a competition.

This has, therefore, lead to increased office space rental hence the increase of the latest office rental rates on office finder Singapore. When it comes to renting an office in Singapore, there are several options to choose from. However, while selecting an office, you should go to an office environment that perfectly fits the hour business. Below are the main four types of offices for rental in Singapore.

An office space that is traditionally leashed

This normally refers to a corporate building space that is available for rental. This is usually directly rented from the landlord based on a contractual agreement. It is normally rented based on the price of a square foot per meter and for a span of two to ten years.

Latest Office Rental Rates On Office Finder Singapore

If you have a licensed corporate business in Singapore, then you should know that you qualify for such an office.

Business and science park office space

These are offices designed to help in housing robotics, research, automation, development, and other IT-related companies. Businesses with these domains are the only ones allowed to occupy these office spaces.

Industrial office space

Singapore has a rule which determines the type of business supposed to occupy the industrial office space. Some of these businesses will need to get a permit from the relevant authorities before they rent an industrial space. The industrial offices are very common in the CBD of Singapore. And there is also a great number of them spread across the entire country.

If you are looking to rent an office space in Singapore apart from knowing about the latest office rental rates on office finder Singapore, you should also know the types of offices available for rent in Singapore.